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Students on a film set who are part of video production programs
Learn on industry-standard equipment both on-set and on-location

Check Out the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA

You may aspire to work in front of the camera becoming the next big newscaster or talk show host. Or maybe you’re more interested in working behind the camera, making a production come to life. But the big question is how you should go about breaking into video or television production when you’re a newbie to the industry?

It’s a daunting question for many, especially if you’re pursuing a fragile dream that means the world to you. When it comes time to pursue a goal many of us clam up and feel we are not worthwhile, can never “make it,” fear there are too many other filmmakers out there, or we feel paralyzed.

Where to start? Well, the first step is training. Getting a thorough education lays the foundation for you to build a career upon. But wait, there are also many programs to choose from, so you’re still faced with an overwhelming choice. May we suggest the Television Production program at the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting.

How You Can Build Your Career via the Television Production Program

    • Mentorship – You want to train with the best and the brightest. That’s why we’ve hired industry-experienced instructors who have worked in television and film production. They know what the industry is like and they can tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed.
    • Build a portfolio – You’ll complete your career training as you work on-location or in fully-equipped studios. Best of all, you’ll graduate with newfound knowledge and a professional portfolio to demonstrate your skills.
    • Learn on industry standard equipment – You need to learn on current equipment so that you have confidence in yourself when you walk onto a new set. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around with an unfamiliar camera and gear that you haven’t learned yet, so this is your chance to work out the kinks while you’re still in school.
    • Location – You know what they say in real estate “location, location, location,” and this is with good reason. The place you are in is key to kickstarting your career. A quick Google search will tell you there are almost 20 video production companies in Huntington beach alone, never mind the fact that the hotbed of all things film and entertainment – Hollywood – is only a mere hour and a half away.

With Our Expertise and Your Passion, the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting Will Help Your Television or Film Production Vision Come to Fruition. Don’t Stall on Your Dream Any Longer. Contact Us Today or Call [Phone-Link Location=””].