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Make your career goals a reality and join our tradition of successful Radio and Television Broadcasting graduates

Find Your Place in the Growing Broadcast Industry

Broadcasting is a rewarding career unlike any other. With the right training, mentorship, and on-the-job skills, you could enjoy working creatively in a variety of on-air, production, or online positions with today’s popular stations and programs. When it comes to getting that training, you won’t find a more engaging and personal experience than with the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting.

Here is what you need to know before you apply to our programs.

Admissions Requirements

Applications for admission to The Academy may be submitted any time by those at least 18 years of age and who have graduated high school or have received their GED or equivalent.

Each eligible person asking about The Academy will be invited to a no-cost, no-obligation personal interview. During the interview, the visitor gets a complete tour of the facilities and learns important facts about the industry, The Academy, the staff, and careers available. There is time for discussion and a question and answer period. Applicants will be given a voice/talent evaluation to see if they have the potential for a career in broadcasting. Entrance into The Academy is based, in part, on the results of that evaluation. The Academy will make reasonable accommodations for those who have mental or physical disabilities.

If applying for the Online Radio Broadcasting Program, students are required to have a webcam, microphone, headset, and a high-speed internet connection. A one-on-one phone interview is required to determine the qualifications of the candidate. The interview results will then be reviewed by the Admissions Director at which time a decision will be made as to the suitability of the candidate for the online program.

If English is not the applicant’s “first” language, the applicant may need to meet the minimum English Language Proficiency standard through submission of an official minimum score on the written Test of English for International Communication TOEIC or its TOEFL Internet-based test (I-BT) equivalent. The minimum score for acceptance to study broadcasting in English is 130 or higher on TOEIC test, for TOEFL, the minimum score for acceptance to study broadcasting in English 480 (Standard), 173 (Computerized), or 61(Internet). All programs are taught in English, and the institute does not offer ESL or other language courses.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for each program is $11,850

The Academy accepts other funding sources including Vocational Rehabilitation, Scholarships, and private financing.

Tuition Payment plans are also available. The Academy accepts all major credit cards.

Unearned Tuition Assistance Policy
Student may cancel the Agreement and obtain a refund of charges paid through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later. The student may cancel the Agreement on or before the first date of instruction and receive a full refund of all monies paid, less the Application Fee, refunds will be made within 45 days of the Academy’s receipt of written notice. The $100.00 Registration Fee which is due and owing at enrollment is nonrefundable. To cancel, Student must deliver in writing, personally, by mail, or telegram, to the Director of The Academy at 16052 Beach Blvd., Suite 263, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, a notice of intent to cancel. The student does not have the right to cancel verbally or by simply not attending. The notice will be effective as of the date of mailing or personal delivery.
A student has the right to withdraw at any time and, after the commencement of instruction, may be entitled to a partial refund. The amount of any refund will be determined based upon the unexpired part of the program, from the last date of attendance, for which the student has paid. A student who withdraws after entering into instruction will receive a refund of monies paid based upon the following: If the Student withdraws or is dismissed during the first 60% of the payment period, The Academy will retain a prorated portion of the Tuition covering the Student’s payment period of scheduled attendance, plus the $100.00 Registration Fee and refund any remainder. Thereafter, The Academy will retain 100% of the Total Cost.
Refunds are made within 45 days of the Academy’s knowledge of withdrawal and paid first to the Student’s funding sources, such as student loans, as a credit to their account. Conversely, the student is obligated to pay, immediately upon withdrawal, any amount owed for scheduled time that was not already paid. The student is responsible for expenses incurred as a result of the collection of the Student’s debt that may include the use of collection agencies and legal action.
Termination of Enrollment/Reinstatement
The Academy may dismiss any student who violates the Rules of Conduct, falsifies documents, or fails to fulfill their financial obligations. Also, Students who incur two consecutive weeks’ absence or fail to return from a Leave Of Absence as scheduled will be dismissed automatically. A student has 5 days in which to appeal the termination.
Students who were dismissed may apply for readmission no less than 30 days after their termination date.
Applicants rejected by the institution will lose the registration fee after the three day period, if the student does not show for class, doesn’t start the program, or merely changes their mind on attending. Students will be refunded any monies paid, minus the registration fee should the institute cancel a program for which the student is enrolled. Enrollees have the right to cancel their enrollment and receive a refund of any charges paid, through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.
Students who were dismissed may apply for readmission no less than 30 days after their termination date.

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