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I can honestly give the Academy of Radio and Television 5 stars for this reason:  hands on experience that you cannot equal without moving out of Los Angeles and fighting for a job in a smaller market in a smaller state.  Their academic program is state and federally accredited, their hard-working students are successes and build on their knowledge. I have taught for both the radio and TV programs, and I can tell you this is an encouraging place ready to help you achieve – if you want to succeed.


If you want the training necessary to get a solid resume in just 7-1/2 months, don’t hesitate to enroll in the Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting.  But remember what the old admissions guy told me, “You must give it 95 to 100%” and let me add, you have to show up!!!!!!!!! Thank you Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting.


All my instructors were very knowledgeable and eager to help. The equipment was good, the same kind used at the radio station I work at. The lectures were very informative, we had some great lecturers. I made a ton of connections here. All my classmates were a lot of fun, some became very good friends. Everybody is here because they want to be. I am very happy with the training I received, and would tell you, if you want to get into radio, this is the only place to go!


The Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting is a great place to learn and cultivate your talent into a career in broadcasting. I entered on the radio side, and I can tell you this, I had a great learning experience and made a great deal of connections, who are all in the business. The staff is knowledgeable and considerate of each students’ goals and intentions. My experience was very insightful and intensive as I pushed myself to succeed where others have led me. The instruction I received was precise and honest. The Academy has and will be a great institute of learning what it takes to break in and it’s up to you to follow your dreams and ambitions to make it happen! And it will happen at The Academy of Radio and Television! Thank you, to all the staff at The Academy!


I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!! The instructors were awesome, the staff was extremely helpful. Within a month of graduating, I got my dream job working in sports radio in L.A. That’s the reason so many well-known radio personalities came from The Academy. You want to work in broadcasting? The you need to go to The Academy for your training!


Throughout the seven and a half month curriculum, I gained invaluable experience that translates directly to the syndicated radio production job that I landed just a few weeks after graduating.  I am not the only graduate to praise this place.  I know several former students currently on the air, some of whom graduated more recently than I.  I also know several students from the TV side, working for stations like CBS and ESPN.

Justin C.

This school helped me with everything. It’s a huge program offering from teaching you from air talent broadcasting, to writing your own commercials and news stories and editing everything! Using different types of equipment and software as well. This school helped me with my editing and mixing sounds with voices. All the instructors approach you with the mentality, getting you prepared! And nothing less. Their commitment was to get me in… AND create the future broadcaster!

Annette A.

I loved my time there and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I even met my wife there! The entertainment business is very competitive but there are also nearly limitless opportunities and it’s growing and changing every day. I found Tom King and his wife Lindy to be extremely credible, professional, and friendly and am glad I met them. Thanks ARB, next time I’m in town I’ll stop by and marvel at how you’ve grown!

Dene P.

I attended the academy not too long ago on the radio side. In my opinion, it is like anything else you ever do with your life, it is what you make of it. The staff is more than knowledgeable in the broadcasting business and the lecture speakers, lecture well and keep the class engaged. By the end of the course, you feel like you can work anywhere. The school will help you get your resume and air check demos done. There are times when things go wrong in life. Kids get sick, cars break down, and sometimes you just need a break because you’re getting burnt out. The staff at the academy will do everything they can to help you when you need it. They will work with you and they will be compassionate to your situation. I know this firsthand. The Academy was well worth my time and the tuition.

Migs C.