Online Radio Training Program

In 7 short months, you could be using our training, your skills, and your computer to generate revenue in an exciting and profitable career as… Radio Personality, Digital Production, Newscaster, Talk Radio, Sports Radio, Internet Radio Broadcasting, and freelance Voice Talent.

The Academy was the the first school to offer such a dynamic, interactive and fun online broadcast training program!

Radio Training on Your Time

The Academy’s Accredited Online Radio Training Program is specifically designed for those who are unable to attend classes at the Huntington Beach, California Campus. The Online Training Program was designed with you in mind so you can train on your time! Get the same great training online, taught by working Los Angeles on-air personalities. And all of the required broadcasting and digital editing software is included for converting your computer into your personal digital broadcast studio!

Your Exciting New Career Begins Here

The online program allows you to get the state-of-the art training needed for your new career in Radio Broadcasting Whatever you need, it’s all on the Academy’s learning website. The course syllabus, class assignments, and more is all online.

Everything You Need is Online 24/7

All lectures are available for 24/7 streaming on your schedule. The Online Training Program allows you to write your own schedule…mornings, afternoons or evenings!

Individual Instructor Attention

Everything you produce, including commercial production and on air work is critiqued by our instructors so that you can improve with every session. Each week you will accomplish more advanced broadcast techniques and production skills, progressing to the next level.

Real-World Practical Experience

Our training parallels real radio at real radio stations, since everything is computerized and digital. The software we provide is the type used at radio stations and online broadcasting.

Online Program Description: What’s in the Training Program

The Radio program is a 30 week program, that requires a total of 25 hours each week. Almost 90% of your time is spent hands-on in your virtual radio studio gaining valuable hands on experience. There are also live webcast lectures, Personal Instruction and 2 hours of weekly Vocal Coaching, where you will learn breathing exercises, articulation exercises and diction training.

Online Radio Training: The Goods

Throughout the program, you will see lectures on Programming, Commercial Production, News, Music Directing, Interviewing and Talk Radio, Voice Overs, Station Promotions, Multi-track Digital Production, News Journalism, Program Directing, Rating and Research, Broadcast Sales, Personality Radio, Station Management, and More! Each week is a different lecture taught by industry professionals. You will have the ability to participate live from your home computer via the Internet.

Personalized Attention: Your Own Mentor

Every week you will have a one-hour live one-on-one online meeting with your Personal Instructor. Your Instructor will help guide you through the program, critique assignments and projects, and assist in any way with your success in mind. An Instructor is available for you almost anytime if you need help, or have questions. Each week we will give you additional assignments and projects to help you get the skills necessary for a successful career in Radio. Your Personal Instructor is your individual 30 week Mentor!

Participate in Real Time: Live Workshops

Each week, your professional broadcast training consists of live webcasts of lectures and Vocal Coaching, and studio time. Lectures are webcast live and feature leading working Los Angeles radio professionals. You will have the ability to participate live from your home computer via the Internet. The remainder of the week is creative time spent performing On-Air shows, Audio Production and Newscasts which can include
News, traffic weather, and sports every hour.

Career Guidance: What Happens once you Graduate?

The graduating students prepare for their job search, with assistance from the Career Guidance Director. Students are assisted in preparing an effective cover letter and resume along with appropriate audition tapes. You will be taught the techniques used to generate your own job leads via the internet, interviewing strategies, and how to follow up with your networking. Radio leads and station specifics are provided for positions in Radio Broadcasting at small, medium large market radio stations, most often right in your own region.

How to Get Started: What’s the First Step?

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, have graduated high school or possess a GED. Some of the criteria for admission include having a pleasant speaking voice, listenable diction, possess a positive attitude, and a have a strong desire to succeed in the program and broadcasting industry. Candidates must have good basic computer skills. Additionally, students are required to have a web cam, microphone, headset and a high speed internet connection. A one-on-one phone interview is required to determine the qualifications of the candidate. The interview results will then be reviewed by the Admissions Director at which time a decision will be made as to the suitability of the candidate for the online program. If accepted, you can start the program any Monday or Friday. However, since your training is one-to-one, we only allow a limited number of new students each month.

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